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Server hardware update!

Server hardware update!

So things have finally started to come in but first, the bad news. The Supermicro 828TQ was too big to ship so it was returned. I needed to find a second chassis so I got on Alibaba and found the ENDSE ED424H65-T3. This chassis will be good for my secondary system as it can hold 24 drives.

It came with a standard ATX 900W 80+ Silver PSU. I found it odd that there are not enough molex connectors to power all 6 backplanes but I have splitters so it is not a huge issue.

Here are the 6 backplanes. Each one requires 1x molex for power and 1x SFF8087 for data. Each backplane is also removable and easily replaceable.

Since the Supermicro 848TQ didn’t make it in the mail I thought for sure the Supermicro 846 would not either. I was very happy to be wrong.

It comes with a redundant 900W PSU.

Unlike the EDNSE chassis, the 846 only needs 1x SFF8087 for all 24 hard drives.

The 16-port Gigabit switch also came in.

I racked it at the top for now but I may drop it 1U or buy a 1U D-Ring cable organizer for under it.

I went ahead and racked both servers. They both came with rails but the Supermicro was sent to me with 2x left rails. I contacted the seller on Ebay and he is going to send me a new set. Until then, it will rest on the EDNSE chassis.

As you can see there isn’t much room at the bottom right now. I may move the servers up 1-2U so there is more space around the PDU. I also may need to pick up some kind of spacer to move the PDU back more. Currently I can not put any plugs in the side you can see because then the door can’t close.


A few other things arrived.


E5-1620 V3 2011 CPU

I also got the 4U heatsink and 4x 2TB WD Reds. I am still waiting on 4 more 2TB WD Reds and most of the hardware for the Pfsense build. Once the X10 motherboard gets here next week I can build the system and start the battery of tests.


Cheers till next time,









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