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Quick Gaming Build

Quick Gaming Build








Due to some unforeseen complications with Steampunk’d TJ11, I needed to build a gaming PC while I worked on it. I picked up a 600T last year and I’ve been dying to work on it. ¬†I’m using all parts that I have in-house from other machines and from my stock.

Corsair 600T
AMD FX8120
16GB Kingston 1600
Corsair HX-850
Crucial M4 128GB SSD (OS)
Seagate 500GB HDD (Data)
Seagate 1TB HDD (Games)

EK-DCP 4.0
EK-Reservoir Combo DCP 4.0
OCZ HydroFlow HF-MK1 CPU Block
EK-560FC V2 GPU Block
3/8″ ID x 1/2″ OD Durelene Tubing

The main reason I like this case is because it can be a watercooling beast. First thing to do is mod the top to fit a 360mm radiator. I removed all the outer panels and lined up the rad with the use of a 360 jig that I bought from MNPCTECH. I didn’t take a picture of me using it but here is the link: 360 Radiator Grill Template. I used a paint marker to mark the opening where the fan is and the 2 mounting holes.


I then replaced the top panel and used the same 360 radiator template to mark where the fan would be. Obviously this had to be a square cut.


Here is the top panel cut. I also drilled the mounting holes and some relief points for when I use the jigsaw on the hole.


And here it is after I cut the hole. This was heavily filed to make the hole nice and round.


In order to make it so the fans can fit, I had to cut away the middle plastic sections of the top mesh. Normally you would not have to do this because it can natively take 2x 120 or 140mm fans but since I did not cut away the top of the case, the fans are about 5mm too high. This space is easily gained back but cutting away the plastic.

And here is the final product. It closes perfectly now.

I’m not going to bore you with the installation of the system. If you reading my blogs you already know how to build your system, you’re here because you are interested in the modding. So here is the system built and all the watercooling parts installed.


The last part of the build to do is to add the tubing.


And finally I can start the leak test. Some people leak test for hours on end (8+). I only do it for 1 -2 hours. If it doesn’t leak by then, its not going to.



Well that’s it. Just a quick build. One thing you will notice is where I put the HDD cage and the pump/res combo. I moved the HDD cage to be on the closest mounting point to the PSU and instead of putting the pump/res in the front void, I put it on top. This is all done because I hope to add a 200mm radiator in a push/pull config to the front of the case. If and when I do add it, I post the update to show the full loop. Since Steampunk’d TJ11 is going to be down for so long, I may take one of the GTX 560TI from that build and put it in here.

Hope you enjoyed the quick build.

Cheers till next time,


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