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Coming together

Coming together








Got a few more things in.


8GB RAM to match the mobo
120mm fan grills
140mm fan grill
2 sets of Koolance QDC
Single bay temp sensor bracket
Koolance Flow meter and meter frequency adapter
2x Sunbeam 6 channel fan controllers



Closer look at the fan controllers


And installed.

Installed the flow meter.

Installed the RAM and started routing the tubing.

QDC installed outside the case so I can add my radiator stand whenever I want to.

I decided to do some leak testing. Good thing I did. One of the Koolance 90 degree rotary fittings on the back 140mm rad had a bad O-ring so I replaced it and all was good.

I should be getting the last few items Wednesday or Friday. Hopefully this will be done by this weekend.

Cheers till then,


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