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Mayhem’s Coolant

Mayhem’s Coolant

So its been awhile. I was waiting a long time to get plexi parts in and I had to travel for work for several months. Now I’m back and ready to finish this thing up.

First up is the plexi. I got my midplate back and the honeycomb fan grill for the PSU.

The grill was a bit smaller than the hole so I had to use some hot glue to get it to stay.

I spent the money and got some Mayhems Pastel Gigabyte Orange Coolant. It looks pretty freaking good. Now, I do wish it was a bit darker but it only looks light in direct light.

Here you can see how the cables and tubing are routed through the midplate.

Here are just a whole bunch of photos I took. The blocks look amazing. I’ll take final pictures in light and dark.

Even the GPU block looks great.

Expect final pictures soon.

Cheers till then,


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