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Cutting and Assembly

Cutting and Assembly







Time to cut, but first, I had to drill a bunch of 1/4″ holes in the pattern so that I could fit my jigsaw in.

Took me about an hour to cut all 3 holes.

Here are the markings I made on the sides. I thought the threaded quick disconnects had a larger thread but they don’t. So I have to cut away some of the side so that they will fit. I did it on both sides just in case I change something up one day.

Both sides cut.

Now its time for glue!

Top glued on. I let it sit for a bit before doing more.

One side.

2nd side.

All done!

Now to start attaching the rads. 2 done

All 3 attached! Looks great

Here are the threaded Koolance quick disconnects that I’m using.

Next I installed all the fans to the backs of the rads.

Then the tubing. I’m using Koolance rotary 90 degree fittings, Bitspower 1/2″ barbs and 7/16″ tubing.

Next I made a ~5′ long power cable for the fans. I just threw on some old cheap black sleeving to keep the wires neat.

Lastly, I leak tested the system for a few hours. No leaks so I guess its good!

I’m pretty sure I’m going to carbon fiber the black. Its shiny and shows dirt and fingerprints and I don’t like that. I need to order some today.

Until next time,


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