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Project: Azza Fusion 4000 Folding Tower

Project: Azza Fusion 4000 Folding Tower





I’ve been wanting to make a dedicated folding maching stuffed with GPUs for a long time and now I can do it. I’m using an Azza Fusion 4000 Tower and everything will be watercooled.



Case: Azza Fusion 4000
Motherboard: MSI 890FXA-GD70
PSU: Sparkle Computer Corp Gold Class 1250W 80 PLUS GOLD Certified Modular
RAM: 16GB Corsair Dominator
SSD: 128GB Crucial M4
GPU 1: Galaxy GTX 460 768MB
GPU 2: Galaxy GTX 460 768MB
GPU 3: Galaxy GTX 460 768MB
Fans: 15x120mm Aerocool Shark, 4x140mm Aerocool Shark
Fan Acessories: 120mm and 140mm Fan filters on external fans.


CPU Block: OCZ Hydroflow HF-MK1
GPU Blocks: Swiftech MCW60 + GTX460 adapter kit
Pump: MCP655 with G1/4″ threaded housing
Reservoir: EK Multioption 250
Radiator 1: XSPC EX480
Radiator 2: XSPC EX360 Multiport
Radiator 3: EK-CoolStream Radiator XTC (140)
Tubing: 7/16″ Clearflex
Fittings: Bitspower 1/2″ Barbs, Bitspower 90 degree rotary (to be replaced by Koolance 90 degree rotary fittings), Bitspower G1/4 Extensions, XSPC G1/4 Extensions
SLI: Swiftech Tri-SLI bridge

Lets dive in. First I mounted the 480 and 360 rads and fans into the top compartment of the case. They will both be pulling air up and out of the top of the case.

This image has been resized for improved display.

This image has been resized for improved display.

Added a 120mm fan to the back to bring in cool air between the 2 rads.

Since there are so many fans I wanted to make sure I had good cable managment so that the air is not restricted anywhere.

And here are all of the fan cables behind the mobo tray. I’ll be using 2 fan bus’ to power all of them.

I removed the rear stock 140mm fan and added a 140mm rad on the back of the case. I’m a little upset that it does not fit inside the case. If I move the bottom rad up into the top compartment I may be able to but I would then limit the intake of the rear 120mm fan.

I attached some 90 degree fittings so that the tubing would have a more direct path.

This image has been resized for improved display.

Next installed the motherboard and PSU.

Attached the 2 fan bus’ and connected all the fans. I wanted it to look cleaner but its hard with all the different lenghs. The side closes with no trouble so I guess thats a win.

Time for the watercooling! I installed the CPU waterblock.

Then I ran the tubing from the rear 140mm rad to the CPU block, then to the 360 rad.

This image has been resized for improved display.

I had previously installed the GPU blocks on to the GPUs so I started to attach them to the SLI bridge.

This image has been resized for improved display.

And the 2nd one attached. I put them in the case so I could check clearances.

This image has been resized for improved display.

I added the cables so I could see how it will look.

I added an old 24 pin and 8 pin extension and routed the cables.

This image has been resized for improved display.

Last up is the pump res combo. I am using a MCP655 pump and EK 250 Multioption res. I had previously bought a custom housing for the 655 so that it accepts G1/4″ threads. I attached the res to the pump inlet and a 90 degree fitting for the inlet to the res. I am leaving the top port open to fill the res. Here is how it turned out.

I also added a ball valve to the bottom of the res so that I could add a tube to it and drain the system easier.

This image has been resized for improved display.

So here is how it sits today.

Cheers till next time,



  1. Hello! I love your mods, i think they’re awesome! I just noticed that nobody has really commented on any of your pics or blogs (probably because they’re too busy actually looking instead of thinking that they want to tell you how awesome they are) anyway just wanted to ask if you got that tower up and running, and if so, how many folds has it gone through?

    • I would get about 100K points a day. It ran extremely well and super cool.

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