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Homemade Lite-Brite

Homemade Lite-Brite






I stumbled on this Instructables article a few months ago for how to make a Giant Lite-Brite. Once I saw this I remember playing with the normal old school Lite-Brite as a kid. I got to thinking that my 2 year old would love this. So the planing began.

I found a wood crate at work measuring roughly 3′ x 4′ which is a perfect size. Now I have to start planing my materials.

Amount of Acrylic needed
Light Switch
How to stabilize the acrylic sheets (Well kind of, I know how to stabilize them on the edges. Need to figure out how to do it in the middle.)
Rubber backing needed to cover the holes
Lights (2 or 3 sets) (Black light for florescent)
Fans (2 in the bottom only or 2 top 2 bottom or 3 in bottom and vents up top)
Acrylic Vendor
Size of Acrylic Rods (1/2″OD, 3/4″OD or 1″ OD)
Spacing for holes (Depends on the size of rod)
Wire Terminals (Sold out online at a few stores)
Wire size (Probably 12 AWG)
Cable Management (Probably going to use P-Clips)
Moulding (this will hold in the top layer of acrylic and make it look clean)

Here are some pictures of what I have done so far in SketchUp.


The blue box in the top right is the wire box for the switch.

Inside bottom

You can see the 2 92mm fans that will pull air into the box. Will probably move to 3 fans in the bottom and have vents in the top.


The fans have grills over them so my daughter doesn’t get her finger in there.

Switch Side

Single Pole Double switch at the top and the IEC plug

These channels are 1/4″ wide which is enough to get the plexi in. The 2 front pieces will have the holes it it and be spaced 1″ apart. Then 1″ back will be a solid clear piece of plexi as the backstop.

Still loads more work to come.


  1. Hi

    I was wondering how this project is going? I was also thinking about making a lite brite and was wondering if you had managed to figure out the right end drill bit so that the pieces stay stable and don’t fall out?

    Also, any other tips you can think of?


    • Thanks for checking my project out! My wife and I decided to hold off on this for another year. We don’t think our daughter will get enough use out of it right now as it is a large investment to build.

      Which parts are you talking about? Each sheet of plexi slides into the box from the top into slots. I figured I would use dowel rods as supports in the middle of the sheets of acrylic.

      I will still be working on the plan now and again this year so that I will be read next year.

      Thanks for watching!

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