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Midplate Madness

Midplate Madness

The project is nearing the end. Here is what I’m waiting for to arrive to finish it. Hopefully it should all arrive this week.

– i7 950
– Sleeving
– Heatshrink
– Plexi for midplate
– More Bitspower fittings (mainly T, L and Q fittings)

I worked on a new midplate design.

This piece is notched to fit in just perfectly.

I had a scrap piece of 1/4″ black plexi glass so I put my template on it and cut.

After I cut it, I bent it.

And it was too bigĀ 

Taped off and marked. I had to cut 1/2″ off.

Then it fit just right. You can also see I started the top design already with paper. I ordered 1/8″ black plexi for that part.

After I get the plexi I will cut it and ship it off to have a honeycomb pattern laser cut into it for the PSU exhaust. Should look pretty boss.

Cheers till next time.

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