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Switches, More Lighting and More Cable Management

Switches, More Lighting and More Cable Management

Forgot to say in my last update that I got some Silver Kill Coils for the loops.

Since I had never used rocker switches before I had to do some testing.

Now how to mount them? I made a sketch so I knew the measurements.

Put on some tape.


Cut and installed!

It works!

Inside view.

These 3 will control the Mobo door LED, All UV Cold Cathodes on both sides of the case, and the res LEDs.

I put another switch on the HDD side of the case for the HDD door LEDs.

Inside view.

Because I had the CPU block sideways for the AMD chip I had to redo my LEDs.

Next I pulled the top of the case off so it would be easier to work on the next few parts.

I decided I didn’t like how the cables looked. They needed to be tied up and hidden better. So I started the process of putting cable ties on.

Looks much much better

Next I reran the CPU and RAM LEDs behind the mobo. After I flipped them both because I am a noob and mounted the EK sideways on the CPU block and backwards on the RAM block.

I then installed the 12″ Lamptron UV Cold Cathodes in the HDD side of the case using some Velcro.

As you can see I mounted them to the Rads because it was the easiest place to put them. They light up the wires and tubing behind the HDDs very nicely.

Lastly I installed my Lamptron FC5V2. This will control the 3 fans on the mobo side of the case and the 200mm exhaust fan on the HDD side of the case.

I’ll have to clean up the wires later.

Thanks all for today. My MDPC order was lost in the mail so I am waiting to get that so I can finish sleeving the system.

Cheers till next time!

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