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Media Card Reader Mod

I had the 2.5″ media card reader just sitting in one of the SATA hot swap front bay drawers and I had enough of that. Its not a mod unless your cutting it up. So here goes.

Since the HAF-X is lame and doesn’t have a 2.5″ bay in the front.. I have to make my own. Here I cut the bay drawer so it could accommodate the board inside the media card reader.

Here is the board.

Whew, fit on the first try.

Next I cut away the plastic lattice work on the bay cover.

Then I had to make it about 3/16″ wider on each side but I forgot a pic of that… oh well you get what I mean.

Time to start cutting up the bay cover mesh. Here I taped one of the extra media card reader covers to the mesh so I had a template.

An hour later I had this.

Since the bay drawer doesn’t have the nifty tabs for the board to screw into I had to get bigger screws and nuts to make it work.

Here is what it looks like on the inside. You can see I have 1 nut on the top of the metal.

And one underneath to make it tight.

Looks good right?

Ok, out with the old.

In with the new.

I just got in some nice red LED case feet so I have been sleeving them today. Once I get the I/O plate painted I’ll take pics and install them. Will have to cut into the bottom of the case but no worries. So I’m like 95% sure that the case feet are the last thing to do but you never know.

Cheers till next time.

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