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Mod Something

2x GTX 560 Ti

Hmm a Newegg box.

Oh how I hate packing peanuts.

Here comes something.

Look out… there are 2 of them.

2x EVGA GTX 560 Ti

It came with a poster. (not putting it up)

1 installed

2 installed

They look good

In SLI I get a 3DMark ’11 score of 32142 .



2 days later I  got my GTX 560 water blocks from Danger Den.

I like how they look.

So I started taking apart the stock coolers on the 560.

Installed the Thermal Pads.

First one done.

Second one done.

When I went to install them I had an issue with the side panel fan housing. It had to be removed.

Once I got it off there were no issues.

Glory shots

Another successful addition to this mod.


Cheers till later.

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